Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Lateshia Still Can't Read

Secretary of Education Duncan notes that 75 percent of young Americans would be unable to enlist in the military for reasons physical (usually obesity), moral (criminal records) or academic (no high school diploma). A quarter of all ninth-graders will not graduate in four years. Another study suggests that a modest improvement (from a current average of around 500 to 525) over 20 years in an international student assessment of 15-year-olds in the OECD nations — improvement in reading, math and science literacy — would mean a $115 trillion increase in these nations’ aggregate GDP. Of that, $41 trillion would accrue to America. McKinsey calculated that if U.S. students matched those in Finland, America’s economy would have been 9 percent to 16 percent larger in 2008 — between $1.3 trillion and $2.3 trillion.

Familiar recipes for improvement are dubious. “Many high-performing education systems, especially in Asia,” Duncan says, “have substantially larger classes than the United States.”

In South Korea, secondary-school classes average about 36 students, in Japan 33, in America 25." George Will

 In Asia, strangely enough, classrooms are filled with...Asians. Who all speak...Asian. Who were raised as...Asians. In South Korea, parents want their children to be fluent in English in the FIRST GRADE. 

In the United States, strangely enough, classrooms can be filled with the elephants in the room. Who do not speak English. Who were not raised as Americans. In many parts of the United States, parents want bilingual classes for their non-English speaking children..throughout all of their grade levels. For that reason, and many others, an alarming percentile of American children cannot speak English even upon graduating high school.

Thankfully, there will always be a bottom of the barrel and our liberals have decided that blacks and hispanics should reside there in-perpetuity. I say thankfully because it could be a lot worse. They could want ALL of our children to be kept as dumb and un-hireable and one step away from prison as are black and hispanic children.

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