Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cue The Tap-Tap-Tap...And....Action


No tapping? Damn.

Just a soft rustle. Todd can't be there. Todd taps. O'Dell doesn't even bother to look at the run sheets so who could it be waiting for the theme music to go away, just standing there and rustling the run sheet because that's what amateurs do...

Man Hands. Damn X2. As interesting as waiting for water to boil. No personality. No verve or elan, and stupid enough not to realize that the product indicator at the corner of the screen is telling one and all that the knife is a "Bargin". 

Yeah. A Bargin. 

Todd is supposedly on vacation. In other words, back in the drunk tank. Sheila is giggling. That's the sum total of her capabilities. She stutters, then giggles. Guess I'll just hit the hay. Those bigass longshoreman  hands are spooky.

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