Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fits' Hit List: Tourbillon Heaven...

eBay-able from around $12 to $40...shipped... depending upon vendor.

Open-heart and Tourbillon watches...looking as good as most of the junk one finds on ShopNBC, can be had for a song, and NOT an arm and a leg as the ones from Stuhrling Un Original and other grifters  looking to snag upwards of a grand of your hard earned bucks.

ANYONE with a Singapore or Hong Kong connection  can have Tourbillon watches made for peanuts, so be careful of those trying to rip you off.

If on the other hand you don't give a chit and just like the thing, then have at it. No one is trying to put anyone out of business or deny anyone their grail. Just evening up the playing field is all. None of these infomercial hawkers will EVER come totally clean so its up to you and I to scrub the bastards down.

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