Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYPD 'buys back' missing gun stolen from cops locker...

A gun swiped from a police lieutenant's locker - sparking a probe into whether it was an inside job by disgruntled officers - was sold to an NYPD buyback program for $100.
The discovery is alarming because it means that if cops took the 9-mm. pistol from their supervisor as a retaliatory prank, they dangerously let it out of their possession.
"We've had guns disappear in the past because malcontents stupidly thought that was a way to make their cause known, but they usually showed up late in the same precinct," a police source said Tuesday.

"For police guns to be floating around like this - shameful."

The handgun is one of two weapons discovered missing from lockers - secured with combination locks - in the 103rd Precinct stationhouse in Jamaica, Queens, on Saturday.

First off: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...gasp...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Whew okay.

Disgruntled, alarming, shameful, malcontents. Let's add dumbass, moronic gun-grabbing elite-in-their-own-minds-asswipes to the mix, and you've got yourself a GENUINE journalistic review of the story. And seriously, what better way to score some weekend drinking money than by selling a gun to the NYPD.

And never you mind the insert. The Daily Snooze wouldn't know a Walther from a GLOCK from a frickin Luger.

And before I forget, don't fail to miss CBS's Blue Bloods, the Tom Selllout Selleck snoozefest that moves from its usual Friday spot to Wednesday, just because. The production values are first-rate in this insiders view of New York City royalty; now if they'd only do something about the writing, directing, acting, and while they're at it why not add even more unbelievable derring-do done by never-dids as they make life safer for criminals citywide. I suppose since Sellout Selleck couldn't get a movie role for love nor money, dropping back to TV where liberals can now gloat over Mr. NRA turning coat and becoming a bonafide gun-grabbing prig must be warming the cockles of his traitorous heart.

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