Friday, January 14, 2011

And Just when You Thought That YOUR State Was Fine-Happy...


BEIJING – A Chinese farmer has been sentenced to life in prison for avoiding highway tolls adding up to more than 3.5 million yuan ($530,000) by pretending his trucks were military vehicles.
State media reported that Shi Jianfeng was convicted of fraud for using fake military license plates and uniforms to deceive toll collectors into thinking his vehicles were military-owned, and therefore exempt from charges. In this way, he avoided paying tolls more than 2,300 times. A court in the central province of Henan sentenced Shi to jail and also fined him 2 million yuan ($302,000) on Dec. 21, the media report said this week.

The news caused an uproar among some Chinese, who argued in online postings and commentaries that shorter sentences have been given out for the more serious crimes of rape or murder.
The outcry was so loud that the Intermediate People's Court in the city of Pingdingshan held a news conference this week to defend its decision.

A report in the People's Daily newspaper said Shi avoided paying tolls more than 2,300 times by using fake military license plates between May 2008 and January 2009 as he ran a business transporting gravel with his two vans.

Good. Not for the poor schnook who has to be a martyr, but whenever the Chinamen bosses do something this stupid it incites the people even more.

Remember back when Japan was going to rule the world?

That was before the people began demanding a fair piece of the pie and started ignoring words of wisdom from the Emperor. 

Soon enough, the real revolution will hit the land of Chin and when it does there goes the neighborhood. Besides; the Chinamen are hollowing themselves out and once deaths surpass maybe 5 years...the incredible shrinking country will be on the road to begging for help from the West.

But hey. The two most popular take-out foods in America are Chinese and Pizza. No such a thing as too many Chinese restaurants so come on over guys, we need ya.

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