Monday, January 31, 2011

James Frost Wants Your Day To End In Misfortune

"Welcome to Cutler Corner and we're here to close out the weekend with a whammy..."

hwam-ee, wam-ee]  
–noun, plural -mies. Informal .
the evil eye; jinx.
bad luck or misfortune.

Uh huh. Last week they began the show describing the 'Tallywhacker', or penis, because they didn't have a clue as to what the word meant. Tonight, the foot-in-mouth stutterer...Todd Boone but of course...expresses his desire to end the weekend shows with a curse.
Proof positive that there's simply no replacement for a good education. 

And just so Mr. James A. doesn't get to thinking that we've forgotten his other transgressions:

Frost Cutlery does not sell Custom knives. A custom knife is one either designed by the CUSTOMER, or a one of a kind specialty product created by a genuine knifemaker. If the number for sale exceeds ONE, then you are not purchasing a CUSTOM knife.

The infamous "German-steel" used in some of the Frost products is 1.4301 stainless, and a bottom of the barrel steel used primarily to manufacture pocket clips, and handle liners, NOT blades. 

We've yet to hear back from the Boy Scouts of America, but at least Frost Cutlery is no longer selling the "Custom Boy Scout Anniversary" blades with the BSA insignia, nor advertising that profits go to the Boy Scouts.

To his credit, Mr. James no longer steals the Kershaw registered trademark and patent for "Speedsafe" while trying to sell his assisted-opening knives.

To his credit Mr. James no longer steals the trademarked Spyderco hole while calling such knives Spidey-folders. Such thefts, and a lot more have come to a screeching halt so I'd like to thank everyone who joined in in notifying the companies Frost Cutlery stole from.

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