Saturday, January 08, 2011

I remember when George Bush walked brazenly into the great outdoors with button-wronghole'ier

Had to be early on in his first term, and the liberal media/nutcases went hog wild. Payback is a mudder-forker.

And thank you to Third World County for the pic.


David said...

Thanks for the linkage. Yeh, The Zero still gets a bye from the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and not just for lil things like this but for major blunders, no matter what. It's as though the Hivemind believes that Americans are stupid enough to not notice... oh, wait, maybe most of the electorate--or at least a large portion--is still lobotomizing itself with Hivemind KoolAid.

fits said...

Sad but true. Ma and Pa Kettle know all they happen TO know from from the Yellowstream Media. Bush was excoriated on sometimes it seemed an hourly basis for less missteps than Caliph Barry, but at least we're around to bring someone's attention to it.