Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL Playoffs... Quick Hit

Troy Polamalu is the most overrated  defensive back in all football. Ever. Yes; he flies from pillar to post but the best place to be is directly in front of him where you can watch him pinball off of anyone over 200 pounds. NEVER ranks very high with regard to tackles or interceptions, I think this year he was 84th among d-backs in tackles, and sure, he's a rover but even at that position the guy should make some noise in the stat department. 

And stop already with Pro Bowls. The Pro Bowl is footballs version of Desperate Housewives where the slut factor is preeminent. Super Bowls? Yep. 64 Steelers got a ring from their last Super Bowl victory. Coaches. Towel Boys. And Polamalu. All got rings. 

All flair, not much there any more. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Missing tackles counts for zilch but the media gives him credit for effort. Another case of not wanting to dare speak about the elephant in the room or in this instance, the field.

Pictured: Troy Polamalu and wife. Troy is the one on the right. No, the left. Wait. Fuck it I dunno.

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