Sunday, January 02, 2011

We Get Letters

"...When watching cutery corner it aklways seems to be that the knifes they are selling are 5 or mnore years old? Why would that be? And also do these older knifes go up iun value the longer they keep them or the buyer keeps them...?"

First off, NO Chinese knife is EVER going to appreciate. Low value to begin with translates to even lower value after they age. Doesn't matter if you hermetically seal them under Funk & Wagnell's porch for a  hundred years; crap remains crap. Frost claims to ship 7 million knives a year. Has done so, according to them, for at least the last 6 years. Excluding the other 35 years they've been in business, and sold lord knows how many millions, even if they were decent enough quality, 42 million knives are never going to be considered collectible. As an enduring testimony to stupidity, well maybe they'd be worth something then.

With regards to why Frost Cutlery televised knife presentations always seem to be featuring older knives that are no longer in production, take this with a grain of salt but also sprinkle it with a heaping helping of common sense:

Former Frost employees have told me that Frost distributors regularly bitch and moan about slow sales, and Frost takes back a portion of their inventory to shill on television. There will always be a market for cheap knives, but a distributor can have big bucks invested in slowly moving product and threaten to never order any again.

That's one of the reasons the shipping and handling charges on Cutlery Corner are so high. Generally speaking, you purchase the same product from ANY internet knife store and you'll pay $5 or more LESS than you would in ordering directly from Frost. Means a heckuva lot when some pumpkin head is looking to hook himself up with a $6 blade. Order from a distributor, and you'll be paying less but won't have Todd or Tom or Sheila (Mrs. PotatoHead) to bark for you.

The major thrust of Cutlery Corner is twofold; to catch the unawares into making a BIG mistake by ordering one of their special deals, only to learn that the $110 for those 100 knives is now $250 after adding in the freight. Returning it means ANOTHER $110 and by the time you've added up all the cost and headache the poor doofus decides to keep the crap and to hell with it.

And, like I've said, to rid themselves of slow moving inventory. 

PS: Please remember that EVERYTHING you see and hear on Cutlery Corner is a lie. Back when they were pushing assisted-opening knives, they began spreading the rumor that such knives were soon to be outlawed. That caught them heat from many venues, as it was a boldfaced lie and contrary to what honorable knife makers are trying to do, namely educate the public to what their rights truly were.

Now its another big lie; "...mother of pearl and abalone are getting scarce so you better order now." Warehouses are overflowing with BOTH, and pricing has never been better, so in order to compete with honest knife-makers Frost lies.

Parting "Boone-ism"

"..most of these knives will never be re-manufactured again. What? What'd I say? Well they won't be. Oh. Most of these knives will never be MANUFACTURED again, not that we re-manufacture any of our knives we just manufacture them and sometime don't ever re-manufacture them ever again. Huh? What? What'd I..."

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