Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutlery Cornered

"...And Mr. Jim Frost would like to say a few words, hi there Jim and happy holidays to ya."

"Ah, thank ya Todd, and I'd lack (like) to thank everyone for sendin' in alla them recommendations for how we can im-prove Cutlery Corner, and thanks for all the hep (help). Ah, um, ah, Todd what holidays, ah, uh...?"

"Ya know I been sayin' happy holidays for so long it just comes out natural like anymore..."

"I hear that, Todd. Comes the tahm (time) you stop sayin' it its just about the tahm (time) to start sayin it all over agin (again)."

How absolutely dreadful for these poor men. Never knowing when the holidays begin, or end; trapped in the quagmire of ignorance concerning how the world surrounding them works. Guess its time for me to send in yet another suggestion. There are these things they call "calendars". These "calendar" devices keep track of time and it could be as simple as Todd and Big Jee-Im never having heard tell of such a thing.

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