Saturday, January 08, 2011

South Dakota ACLU Sues To Broaden Right-To-Carry Law

The ACLU of South Dakota has filed a suit on behalf of a British national and permanent legal immigrant who was denied a Right-to-Carry permit in South Dakota.  According to a January 6 story, the 30-year legal resident and previous Right-to-Carry permit holder was denied due to a 2002 change in South Dakota's Right-to-Carry law that requires an applicant to be an American citizen. Citing the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause, the ACLU of South Dakota has leveled the suit against the South Dakota Secretary of State and the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office and has also filed for an injunction to stop the enforcement of the citizenship requirement.

This is notable for several reasons, chief of which is the ACL-frickin-U suing in favor of something that defends the Constitution.  

And isn't it amazing that those staunch South Dakota liberals, defenders of ILLEGAL immigrants the country-over, would be against allowing a LEGAL immigrant to exercise the right to protect himself?

Permanent legal immigrants have long enjoyed the same protection under the law as native-born residents, except when it comes to anything liberals are not in favor of. Which then of course leads me to once again denounce these scumbags as the scumbags they are for thinking that THEY have the right to treat freedom as THEY see fit. Sort of why that there slavery issue came about in the first place, and why liberals continue to espouse doling out rights depending upon liked mindedness rather than one for all and all for one.

Like or despise the NRA, the headline link takes you there so be forewarned.

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