Monday, January 17, 2011

Dick Tracy wristwatch may be coming from HP

Later this year, Hewlett-Packard researchers say, they expect to deliver to the U.S. Army a working prototype of what they're calling a "Dick Tracy wristwatch" — a lightweight, wearable device that soldiers in the field can use to view digital maps and other data on a flexible plastic screen that won't shatter or crack like glass.
Though it will be spartan by design, researchers say HP's prototype could be one of the first in a new wave of products incorporating flexible electronic displays. Freed from the constraints of a rigid glass screen, designers could one day build flexible plastic displays into clothing, wall coverings and perhaps even e-readers or tablets that can roll up like a newspaper.

Well now; only something that the tech geeks have been promising for what time is it now...4 decades or thereabouts.

Not that there aren't watches that do everything but walk the dog, but this new flexible material is intriguing.

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