Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Price of L.A.'s Illegals

An estimate by a Los Angeles County supervisor finds that his county spent more than $600 million in 2010 on welfare for the children of illegal aliens. That's up more than $30 million over the previous year.

The cost estimate accounts only for food stamps and welfare benefits through the CalWORKS program. The figure does not reflect any direct costs from illegal alien parents themselves, nor from their children's education, health care, or public safety.

Since the whole of California is an avowed haven for illegal immigrants, and since the citizens of California continue to elect the politicians who spend billions of taxpayer money on these illegal immigrants, all I can say is good riddance to bad actors. The new Congress isn't going to bail out dirty places like California, so once these irrational beggars have to look up just to see rock-bottom, well...will the last one out of the land of fruits and nuts please turn off the lights. 

Once the place is nothing but tumbleweeds and Gila monsters there'll be plenty of halfway decent acreage for the new push westwards and maybe this time they'll get it right. Not left. Left never works.

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