Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday With The Frosted Flakes

" here's our wakeup call and you'll receive 10 knives for $22.95 and these are, most of these are, most of these knives are well made. Just look at all of that 420 J2 tool steel..."

Hang with me a sec and hear a tale of two steels and tool steels.

420 J2 steel is used throughout the cutlery industry as handle liners, pocket clip steel, etc. 420 J2 is a soft steel unsuitable for turning into knife blades, that's if you want a product that can take then hold an edge better than the average butter-knife.

And 420 J2 is NOT a tool steel. Why would the good folks over at Frost Cutlery say so if it weren't so? Two possible reasons; one of the problems with the attempt to communicate in any language is having the capability to actually speak that language. Say 420 J2 steel really fast, and with a halfassed phony Frost accent, and it sounds exactly like you're saying 420 J-Tool Steel. The other possible reason is our friends the Frosted Flakes are lying about the properties of the steel they ask the Chinamen to make their crap knives out of.

Now, the 420 line of stainless steel comes in 420, 420 HC (for high carbon), 420 J tool steel and 420 J2 steel. But once again, no 420 J2 tool steel.

Incompetent, non-English speaking folks running Frost? Or flat out liars?

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