Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And An Apology To Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews in an email to

"I told the students that my way to deal with terrorists was to do what Golda Meir did after the killing of Israeli athletes at the Olympics: track them down and kill them one by one and be rough about it.
I don't know why the reporter chose to ignore my clear statement was the appropriate response to terorism [sic], why he chose to skip to my strong belief that we need to get behind this massive hatred we're facing in the Muslim world.
Check with the University for confirmation. I was invited by the political science students. I'm pretty sure they taped it because that had an audi-visual [sic] person there putting on my microphone.
Anyway there were many witnesses who can recall what I said if somebody asks."

Everyone who frowned upn Mr. Matthews wussyness should indeed be offering this same, mea culpa, and here goes; Sorry, Chris. I was quick to jump upon the statement and take it for a little ride. If you didn't say what was reported you should of course never speak with such cretins again.

And while you're at it, don't speak with ANY liberal loons because the slightest facial tic can mean you agree that Bush lied, people died, the Constitution has a privacy clause, babies aren't really babies until they're old enough to vote, and and that straddling a state line with a lemonade stand could ruin the entire US economy, particularly if a frog happened to jump from your pocket.

Be careful out there, Chris.

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