Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pro Picks

21-9 on the season for me, and 67-50 for the perfect pot of pigskin prognostications, so here goes another stab at my being any better than random chance: (Season total: 88-59)

Jacksonville over Arizona
Carolina over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Baltimore
St. Louis over Houston
Kansas City over New England
Minnesota over Cleveland
New Orleans over the NY Jets
Oakland over Miami
Green Bay over Philadelphia
NY Giants over Seattle...although I really wanted to call this a "pick-em"
Chicago over Tampa Bay
Tennessee over San Francisco
San Diego over Washington
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh...Monday Night Football

The Thanksgiving Day Picks Were:

Denver over Dallas
Atlanta over Detroit

Okay, so we went 13-3 this week, and that's not all that bad considering the Giants kicker missing 5 field goals and leading them to a loss. On the last kick his approach to the ball was so slow the refs are still waiting to see if it's wide-right.

34-12 with me picking, for a season total of 101-62.

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