Monday, November 28, 2005

by Claudia Rosett

"Watch this space for a Pajamas Media special report. Should the Internet be governed by the United Nations, or is that just a recipe for a bytes-for-food scandal down the pike--or worse?"

Wowsers. How topical. How cutting edge. How so LAST FRICKIN MONTH.

Tune in next time, same PJ-Time, same PJ-Channel, for another breathtaking scoop from Pajamas Media. Quick, Look! Roger Simon just shot an elephant in his it got into his pajamas he'll never know...

Brought to you in part by Preparation H...the perfect product to keep on hand to remind you of the painful assholes who wish to single-handedly give blogging a bad name.


Steve H. said...

I can't believe you're picking on these guys. I WUV Pajamas Media.

Fits said...

Hi ho Stevereno. Yes sir, I stand guilty as charged of poking fun at the hapless. I'm quite sure there's a certain level of hell awaiting those that do, so see ya there.