Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tragedy Of An Officer Down Provides Fuel For The Loons

New York Post Online Edition: commentary

Another Doctor just doesn't get it about guns. Not a big surprise, but the fact that the conservative NY Post would give him the venue to preach his clueless words of unwisdom is. A policeman was killed, and before anyone has had the time to determine from whence the weappon of his demise came from, the attending physician began to scream for more gun control.

"New York, as we all know, has very restrictive gun laws and a very active police force that works very hard to get guns off the streets."

But when the whole country is deluged with guns, and when people can buy guns very easily in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia and bring them up here, they're much too easily available."

Untrue. One does not just walk into a shop and purchase a handgun as if it were a loaf of bread, ANYWHERE in the country. They are, 99.9% of them, stolen from private owners and gunshops, and before even knowing of the disposition of the weapon that killed a NYC officer the Doc preaches to the liberal choir but makes no sense to anyone else. And of course just doesn't get how stupid it sounds to say that NY laws don't keep guns from the hands of criminals so we should enact the same laws elsewhere.

"Consider what would have happened yesterday with stricter federal gun controls in effect.
If this man — suspect Allan Cameron — were angry at Officer Dillon Stewart, he might have punched him instead of shooting him."

Yes, Doc, homicidal maniacs are known to simply punch people and leave it at that. 85% of federal and state prison inmates agree that were handguns to disappear they'd simply find other deadly weapons, and find them in a heartbeat. Quite the shame the Doc didn't spend SOME of his time learning human nature as well as what little medicine he practices.

"But the armaments industry controls the National Rifle Association, and the NRA has intimidated politicians, both Republican and Democratic, making it impossible to pass suitably restrictive gun laws.

The restrictions made five or six years ago have been stripped away."

The senseless restrictions of 5 or 6 years ago wouldn't have prevented this tragedy, and the countries that ban handguns see 3 TIMES the violence the states does because bad people will find a way to hurt good people, case closed. But I guess the Doc thinks that a Glock is an assault rifle or some other such flummery and the man simply should stick to doing what he does best. Then again, maybe we need tougher laws to certify physicians who seem to allow an awful lot of cops to die. Maybe they aren't up to snuff. Maybe we need better Doctors. Yeah I know, that sounds almost as silly as what the Doc said but I'm in a rambunctous tit-for-tat mood.

"The city police are not patsies on this. They're very effective and focused.
But there's just so much you can do when these guns creep in from other places and people can get guns with virtually no screening. Some days at KCH we're deluged with victims of guns and other violence."

Again untrue. Florida has a thorough background check AND a 3 day waiting period on the books in order to purchase a handgun, and each and every word out of the Doctors mouth is as wrong as a person could be and still be capable of tying his own shoelaces unassisted.

"We've lectured against violence and we've let people know how important gun control is.
We've visited local schools and churches showing pictures of the unspeakable — bodies ripped apart by gunfire.

But so far it's been a losing battle.

Hopefully, the death of Officer Stewart will reignite the people's passion to bring the gun lobby to heel."

Lecturing. Ah yes, the liberal answer for every problem. Instead of executing criminals we lecture them. NYC thugs know that they'll be lectured a lot but never face the death penalty. The death of the officer is lamentable, but what the Doc wants to do to solve the problem is punish the innocent for the deeds of the guilty. Look at thae homicidal maniac in California, the one the loons have embraced. The one that brutally murdered several people 24 frickin years ago but still draws breath. Why? Because the jerkwads support the guilty and to hell with the victim.

What an asshole. And ya know what? His bilgewater DOES incite me to call for better laws that PUNISH these madmen in kind, and yep, we OBVIOUSLY need better Med Schools as well. But then again, this is an individual who considers himself to be a Renaissance man par excellance and such hubris permits him to speak of things he not only knows nothing about, but never will because he's too lazy or predisposed to believe the leftwing nonsense.

Used to amaze me how otherwise intelligent people could be so very wrong each and every time they opened their mouths. Then I had my 10th birthday and was wise enough to figure the loons out.

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