Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Okay Everybody...It's Emulate A Big Blog Evening...

"Hmm. It's my personal belief that Hillary Clinton became far too enamored of her husband's wag the dog form of governing, and her latest fence sitting approach to discussing Iraq is proof positive that the lady is a herdsmistress of many faces.

She finds herself distrought that the war wasn't handled better...although what IS better escapes her time and time again...but stands firm in agreeing with the fact that yes, she did support the war to begin with.

And herin lies the cow, strike that, rub. Anything we can look up for ourselves Ms Clinton afirms as indeed being the truth. But it's my personal belief that her...wait I already said that...

I can't go on, sorry. Tried to sound like one of the guys at Powerline but it's nearly as hard as reading something on Pajama's Media.

Thought it was a good idea but mainstream drivel can be found anywhere so why pay for internet service just to get the same old obvious, unsophisticated tripe from guys who didn't even know they lived in a blue state until the day after the last Presidential election.

Mea culpa.

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