Sunday, November 27, 2005

Traffic Jam Of The Brain Housing Group

Blog Jams: The turkey that laid a golden egg

Ever listen to someone that talks a lot but never seems to make any sense? Along the way you've bound to have had teachers or professors who'd utter something akin to the following:

Most importantly, what is needed are several steps to begin ascertaining the viability of not only projecting the essence of what is important, but to achieve even greater respect by promulgating the very definition of levels of importance pertinent to each and every nuanced and even boldfaced attempts at detailing what most feel would be in error.

Words strung together that make no sense, no sense at all. I took a netride over to Pajamas Media to have a look at their Blogjam, and sweet lord of the mornin' it's scary:

"Today's panelists, all members of Pajamas Media's Editorial Advisory Board, will be carving up the turkey that was OSM (Open Source Media) and has now been reborn as Pajamas Media. What is our new identity, and what does it mean for us moving forward? Weighing in are:
Adam Bellow,Tammy Bruce, Clifford May, Glenn Reynolds.

Glen Reynolds: I think that overall the Pajamas / OSM operation has relied too much on the services of consultants and experts. They know stuff, but the results tend to be, well, corporate and sterile. And don't even start me on the "branding" experts. I hope the check hasn't cleared yet. . . . .
Chime in, folks!

Tammy Bruce: When I first spoke to Roger L. Simon about this adventure, one of the things I warned him about was the tendency to routinize a revolution. I noted while organizing is a good thing, as a part of the feminist establishment I saw the decay of an important movement when it became too controlled. I think the whole name issue reflects the potential problem (and seduction) of going corporate, but then we got back to what makes the blogosphere so incredible—it was noticed, and then changed. The environment itself invites this sort of dynamic, and I’m personally thrilled we’re back in our pajamas.

Now, okay, Glen feels as if too much GRAVITAS was given to the "experts" opinion on this or that, but these same experts work for YOU, nothing is written in stone, and the CUSTOMER is the one who must be pleased and give the okay. Who was making these decisions to go with what the experts said, Johnson and Simon? If so, blame Johnson and Simon.

I spit a pumpkin seed at the screen laughing over what Tammy Bruce said...and with a name like that she should be into country music and not superstation-blogging...and what exactly WAS she trying to say? Adventure? Organization? Feminist? Revolution? Did she think someone was asking for a resume? Or the synopsis for a new Anne Rice novel?

Click into the thing and read it all if you've a mind to. Then have the common decency to explain to me what the hell this is all about.

Please do.

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