Thursday, November 24, 2005


I have not a single clue as to what Bill Clinton was trying to say in his essay for today's Wall Street Journal. Perhaps he felt it important to emphasize that he was one kick butt Prez himself, or somehow atone for the fact that he has been dissing the current administration at every opportunity and wanted to tone down the rhetoric.

Nah. Once a slimeball forever a slimeball. Takes some kind of nerve to pull a Jimmy Carter then sit down to a back-patting session of how wonderful was I, and nothing coming from this mans mouth surprises me.

In so very many ways he was a disgrace to his office and to his country, and I do suppose that it's somewhat fair for the Journal to allow this traitorous wretch the space to applaude himself in the face of so much criticism.

I wouldn't. And here's the link before I get too angry and ruin the day. - American Engagement

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