Monday, November 21, 2005

"Oh Yeah? Well MY Dad Paid More Fines Than YOUR Dad..."

Bragging rights in the UK.

"Speaking on the eve of anti-bullying week, schools minister Jacqui Smith said troublemakers would "not be tolerated" and pupils would be encouraged to lobby their schools to adopt the Government's Anti-Bullying Charter for Action.

Parents whose children attack or threaten classmates could face fines of up to £1,000, Jacqui Smith, the schools minister, said yesterday. The warning comes after a surge of violent cases in schools."

Now before I get on a rant about how sissified the Brits have become. precisely WHAT do they consider bullying, and exactly what contitutes a SURGE?

Surge this, as the story mentions acts of violence that are far from mere bullying, and that's the typical Pom response to utter mayhem. Make even sticking your tongue out a crime because who KNOWS what it might lead to.

Here's what they offer as incidents of "bullying":

"There have been several high profile cases of bullying in recent weeks. Shanni Naylor, 12, needed 30 stitches to her face after she was slashed with a pencil-sharpener blade during a lesson at her Sheffield school.
Natashia Jackman, 15, was attacked with scissors during lunch break at Collingwood College in Camberley, Surrey, and stabbed in the chest, head and back. She needed surgery for a punctured eyelid.
Danielle Price, 15, was treated for facial injuries after being attacked by a gang of girls at her school in Neath, south Wales, after winning two awards for her academic achievement.
Tommy Kimpton, 19, who beat his friend Ben Williams, 17, to death with a pool cue was found not guilty of his murder. Kimpton admitted manslaughter but the jury cleared him of murder after hearing he had been bullied about his weight, thick glasses and big ears."

These are NOT indications of bullying, these are violent criminal acts that are already against the law, and it's hard to see how fining the parents a thousand pounds is going to stop children inclined to commit murder.

"Alright now, little Tommy, we've already paid several thousands in fines because you insist on stabbing your mates in the eye, so stop it or there's NO TV for you for a month, young man!"

It's the whiny, whingy, liberal way of banning something that could LEAD to something. No bullying because you might not stop at that. Bullying leads to murder. Murder can be prevented if we tax, er, FINE the culprits that bully.

It's bullswaddle. It stinks. It's dumb. It'll be law soon.

Thanks to: Ankle Biting Pundits for the link.

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