Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No Trackbacks Please, We're The Big Boys...

Now, I've never been in a trackback-party, or anything akin to that because quite frankly I haven't a care in the world as to how many people read this version of Messenger. So okay, no horse in the race and all that jazz, yadda, blah.

But some folks do. Start-up blogs like to get a leg-up in the field and swapping links is a fairly common deal. That's until the big fella's want it stopped because hey, that means ANYBODY can claim a lot of hits and what's the point of being big and famous when ANYBODY can?

Read the following to see what I mean:

Don Surber: Et Tu, NZ Bear?

OSM, PJM, PB&J whatever seeks to stifle us. Now TTLB follows up. Actual emails:

Dear NZ Bear:
My understanding is your new spam filters mean linkfests no longer count as links. That is most unfortunate and discouraging to startup blogs.

Thank you,
Don SurberPoca WV

Don, That's basically true. I haven't announced anything as yet as I'm still working out the system, but the goal is to not count 'open trackbacks' and the like towards rankings or identification of top posts. I'll explain my reasoning more when I post about it.
Given that I haven't done so yet... where did you hear about the change?

NZHey, it is your site. You do what you want. You are stifling startup blogs though. We are not stupid. We figure these things out.
Thank you.Don

These people are acting very MSM of late. They have a little bit of power and they insulate themselves from their audiences and act as if they are better than everyone else.Orwell had it pegged :)"

The medium WAS the message, the medium still IS the message. Make the rules to suit what suits you. The golden rule...he who has the gold makes the rules. A stitch in time saves nine...

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