Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Google's No-Sense...

Received this email today:

Note from the Google AdSense Team

Over the past few months, AdSense has gone through quite a few changes – some big, some small, all designed to make the program that much better for our publishers. In case you missed any of these updates, we've outlined them below and provided links to resources with more information. We hope you'll learn more about and take advantage of the new features and improvements to get the most out of your AdSense account.
If you have any comments after reading our updates, we encourage you to share them with us, so that we can continue to improve the features and services we offer through AdSense in the future.

The Google AdSense Team

Translation: We still haven't the foggiest idea of how to match content with advertising, so we'll muddle along because it's really really hard. And yes, you DID mention gourmet food one day and we did spend the next three days advertising brazilian kaba-nuts because we thought your readers would like that, but wow, our bad.

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