Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One Night In Bangkok Made THIS Hard Man Humble...

BANGKOK (AFP) - Skintight shirts and short skirts with revealing slits have raised the ire of Thai university administrators, who were urging female students to tone down their sexy school uniforms.

June, Rajabhat Mahasarakham University officials in northeastern Thailand have campaigned against rising hemlines, saying their students' penchant for "inappropriate" dress sets a bad example.

"Soon we will post color posters showing the correct uniform so they can dress in the right attire," said director of student affairs Kittikorn Bamroongboon on Wednesday. The posters would show more modest clothes such as knee-length skirts and loose-fitting shirts."

Nothing against the Thai's. I've traveled to every clime and place where I could take some fun, well, work mostly, and for the past 4 decades at least Bangkok has been known throughout the world as having the most prostitues per square mile than any place not named Las Vegas. I mean, with a name like that...

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