Sunday, November 27, 2005

Is it ANY Wonder

I get so few hits during the daytime hours, when Booger can take up to FOUR and A HALF HOURS to publish what I've posted?

So I'm worrying over something as silly as a hit-count? Nope. I began THIS blog to say the things I COULDN'T say over at AOL's afterbirth of a blogsite, and certain of my folks WERE stopping by here, but not anywhere near as many because of the ludicrous lag time.

So then I post twin blogs, the naughty one here and the COMMUNITY FUCKING STANDARDS one at AOL, and get asked why I'm using two blogs to say the same frickin' thing, and I'm starting to ask myself the same questions. Same deal but one is somewhat censored and the other is not.

Can't win when awful services such as Blogger and AOL are involved, but I am trying to find a happy medium so bare with me. (not a typo)

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