Thursday, November 24, 2005

Seen Any Beaver Lately, Ward?

The following is a link to Grant Crowell's calling out of Chief Choking The Chicken, otherwise known as poser extraordinaire Ward Churchill:

Hawaii Reporter: Hawaii Reporter

"If you haven’t been told by your attorney, let me remind you that you’re under investigation by your own school for copyright thievery and plagiarism. (Who can forget you getting caught by CBS News for stealing a real artist’s work, tracing over it and selling it to someone else as your own.)

Your entire academic history is based on misuing copyrighted work from others; not only from authors and scholars who say you stole from them and quote them completely the opposite of what they actually say, but even from other Web site owners, including from the Web site. You claim an atmosphere of McCarthyism, yet I’m sure when the CU Inquiry board hauls you in one last time and announces the final decision on your fate, it is them who will be asking if you have no decency.

Put your money where your mouth is, Ward. Let's have a neutral party decide on this … ."

Please read it in it's entirety, and thanks to The Rot for the link.

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