Sunday, November 27, 2005

Soldiers That Burned Bodies Will Be Disciplined...But Not Court Martialed - U.S. Soldiers Will Not be Charged For Burning Taliban Bodies

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- "Four U.S. soldiers face disciplinary action for burning the bodies of two Taliban rebels, but they will not be charged with crimes because their actions were motivated by hygienic concerns, the military said Saturday.

...Islamic clerics criticized the findings. "These soldiers should be severely punished," said Khair Mohammed, a senior cleric in Kandahar. "Foreign soldiers in Afghanistan must respect our religion. If they continue to do things like this, every Muslim will be against them."

Well of course the raghead shamen were pissed, burning something for the sake of cleanliness would never enter their minds, so I give them a pass until they've been around US troops long enough to realize that modern folks bathe and don't enjoy being around germ-ridden corpses.

But sweet moses on a pogo stick, what were these men thinking, what do ANY of them think when they photograph and videotape themselves doing wacky shit? And please, none of this...they're really only kids away from home and don't know any better...becasue that's bullswaddle. I was in the SAME frickin position as these "kids", did far worse than burn dead bodies, and if I'd have been caught for even half the stuff I got away with I'd STILL be making license plates for Uncle Sam.

They don't deserve being reprimanded for burning the dead terrorists but this is what happens when a country misplaces it's testicles. The nannies take over and the nannies HATE this shit so for chrissake be frickin careful what you are caught doing, DUDES.

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