Monday, November 28, 2005

Michell M Is In A Dither...

We gave 'em the vote but was that good enough? Now they blog and this weepy reaction to anything remotely untowards is beginning to get on my nerves.

Seriously, Michelle Malkin is all flubadubbed over this cartoonist, and save me lord but I actually got a laugh from the thing. Sure, the guy's a whack job lefty from the get-go, but he's got just as much right to be an asshole as say, the Pajama guys, so chill, Shelly, chill.

The zillion folks who click into your blog...and spend an average 3 to 7 seconds there...will check this dude out and he's a hero for a few days while the hit count skyrockets, so what did you prove besides making sniff-sniff at some tasteless cartooning. Or is that an oxymoron? Shouldn't ALL cartoons be tasteless or what's the point?

Now, if the jerkwad in the cartoon was a Marine...

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