Wednesday, November 30, 2005

LGF Shills The Same Old Story

And that's sadness personified. The original Bush-Memo dime-dropper himself, Charles Johnson is now reduced to barking for the yak woman to get somebody, ANYBODY over to Pajama Media.

Believe me, Charles, we'd go if there was something to see. Claudia Rosett going on and on about how it'd be a bad thing for the US to relinquish control of the internet to the UN isn't news. It's blogworthy if someone gives it a heartfelt rant, but this tepid, look-I'm-almost being-funny-and soooooooo-dissing-the-hallowed-halls-at-Turtle-Bay is pathetic.

We surf the net for something DIFFERENT, Charles, not same-old yellowstream media bullswaddle.

Here's the link, only because I link to all sources and not because I want to promote the yawn that is the Pajama party.

Blogging like you're the Washington Post isn't going to work. Someone tell them this before they make me go over there.

Please do.

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