Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Go Here To Kvetch About Alla Those Cable Woes...

The Channel Changer: My Cable Nightmare

"We have Time Warner Cable and their Road Runner ISP. The cost is ridiculous! The TV cable is divided into "tiers." The 1st tier is the very basic channels which stops at #13. #14 is the Weather Channel, but that's on the 2nd tier, which costs something like $35, which is ON TOP on the basic cost.

Right now, we pay about $75/mo. for TV. I'm not certain what RR costs, but I think it's something like $50/mo.

Now, Time Warner also offers a package of TV, Road Runner and telephone. The problem is that if the cable is out, or experiencing problems, then your phone service is out, too. And we've experienced quite a few days with interrupted service. It's really very funny to try to call TW and can't because they use their own phone service.

Our local TW has provided very good & prompt service, so I can't complain about that. But the cost is astronomical."

Thanks for the link goes to: Ankle Biting Pundits

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