Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The NY Post Continues It's Attack On The 2nd Amendment...

Yesterday we commented upon a strange tail of woe. Woe-laden because it was a of NYPD's finest was killed by a madman with a gun, and strange because some blathering idiot of a Docto was ranting the usual liberal cannon of despair regarding firearms.

Today the assault continued...

New York Post Online Edition: news

"The Glock carried by suspected killer Allan Cameron was stolen in Florida in 1999, and was used last June to shoot up a Brooklyn nightclub by a man who was angry over being told to put out his cigarette, cops said yesterday.

On May 17, 2002, Jeffrey and several colleagues were walking to the subway after their night shift at the nearby 70th Precinct — the same station house where Stewart was assigned.
Someone fired at them from the roof of 142 St. Paul's Place in Flatbush. Jeffrey was struck in the arm.

A .38-caliber revolver found in Henry's apartment was linked to the shooting. But a jury acquitted him at trial; one juror said the prosecution didn't have enough evidence.
Though cops think Cameron's Glock was once in Henry's possession, they aren't sure of any connection between the two men.

Cameron's Glock also differs from the .380-caliber pistol he allegedly used to shoot off-duty cop Wiener Philippe in a robbery in Crown Heights on Nov. 19.

The bullets fired at Stewart are too degraded to be tied to Cameron's Glock, police sources said."
So this bad actor had at least 3 different guns, we'll wager all stolen, and yesterday's sob story from the little Doc that couldn't save the cop is made moot.

Stolen. Erase all handguns tomorrow and they'll steal shotguns and have the barrels cut down for better concealment. Rifles too. Hell, it isn't all that hard for a chop-shop to MAKE a disposable gun and lots of THEM are on the streets too. What's next, Doc, banning power tools as well?

And the poorly written, disjointed and fumbling story continues. Seems that the killer was the same jungle creature who shot a drunken cop just a week or so ago. Cop returning from a party is accosted, draws his weapon, fires nine shots, misses everything but the neighborhood street lamps and living room windows.

New York Post Online Edition: news

"When Officer Wiener Philippe heard another cop had been shot early Monday, he rushed to the hospital to try to offer special words of comfort to his wounded comrade's family.
The two cops had never met, but less than a week earlier, Philippe had spent several days at the same hospital recovering from gunshot wounds he sustained in a vicious mugging — and knew firsthand the kind of support any injured cop and his kin would need."

"I wanted to tell him and his family, 'Hey, I was wounded and made it through, and I and other people will be here for you,' " an emotional Philippe told The Post yesterday.

The wounded officer, Dillon Stewart, later died — and a stunned Philippe would learn only hours later the chilling crucial link between his own brush with death and Stewart's mortal injuries."

Connections. The cops refer to it as having a godfather. When you have connections you can empty your pistol at a bad guy, shoot up half the neighborhood and still remain on the force.

THESE are the folks who are out there to "protect" us, and this newspaper was at one time considered to be of a conservative bent.

Bottom line? Animal procures a stolen gun and kills a cop. Surgeon at the hospital weeps about how horrible guns are, and doesn't see the abject nonsense in complaining about illegal hand guns in NYC. WHEREVER the gun laws are the strictest, you can bet your life that's where you'll find the most guns.

But instead of law abiding citizens owning them for protection you have gangstas killing anything that moves.

And idiotic liberals screaming for our firearms to be taken and melted down to raise a staute for whichever cold-blooded murderer they've fallen in love with as of late.

PS: I'll bet cash money that when it comes time for this cop killing animal to be sentenced, the Doctor and all of his liberal pals sign as many petitions for clemency as they can scrawl their Hancocks on.

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Well put!
Our rights are constantly in peril from these leftist asshats...