Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So Lemme Get This Straight...All He Had To Do Was Go To A Cave And Wait For A Voice To Tell Him It Was Cool To Rape 9 Year Olds?

NINE YEARS OLDS? Yes, 9 year olds.

From lgf: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Muslim "Life of Brian"

Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali wants to film the Muslim “Life of Brian,” in a test of Western courage. (Hat tip: Fjordman.)
You have said that you would like to make a Muslim “Life of Brian”.
“Yes, Muhammed is a much more colourful personality than Jesus. Such a film could be a learning instrument for muslims. There are some islamic films but they don’t show the image of Muhammed and they are not really about him. They are more about how islam was established. I would really like to make a critical film about him. I could write a script very quickly.”
Would you dare to put in some of the details of his life such as the affair with Aisha, who Muhammed married when she was six and had sex with when she was nine?

“Oh yes. When I say colourful, Muhammed was of course a messenger of God like you read in the Bible about Noah and Moses, and you could make a beautiful film about that. But it would be much more interesting to describe that he was also a conqueror. He was superstitious. Every time he would need the support of his people, he would go to the cave to listen to the angel Gabriel. Putting that in a film would be very colourful, because whose voice is it going to be? Who could act as Muhammed?”

“Muhammed had many wives. He was a sensuous man. He talked lot about sex and sexuality, about women. You can read that in the Koran and in the Hadith. They are very detailed on the sexuality business. For the Americans it might be too much but I’m sure that the Europeans would find it very colourful. I would put all of that in there in graphic detail, but also the moral dilemmas. Muhammed had adopted a son who was married to Zaynab. He fell in love with Zaynab and wanted her, but morally, of course, he could not demand to have her although his adopted son said that he could have his wife. So Muhammed had to go the cave and came back with a message that it was all right.”

Hmm. Even the French might find this too disgusting for words. But now ya know why the moslems love Paris. Like-pervs think alike.

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