Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Birthday William F. Buckley

So what's with all of these "Happy" headlines. Two in a row makes me shiver but since both are more than deserving I'll de-grinch for a time to continue the love fest.

William F.'s rather "in" to simply refer to him as Bill but I don't know the man nor do I mind typing the word William, is 80 today, and while that bespeaks a life of monastic living I'm glad he took care of himself for all of these years.

And so does George Will.

"November 24, 2005 -- IN his 40th anniversary toast to his Yale class of 1950, William F. Buckley said, "Some of us who wondered if we would ever be this old now wonder whether we were ever young." Those who were not young 40 years ago, in 1965, can have no inkling of what fun it was to be among Buckley's disciples as he ran for mayor of New York vowing that, were he to win, his first act would be to demand a recount."

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