Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pajama Media Hasn't Had A Name Change In Over 48 Hours...

...And I'm beginning to worry.

Not that it'll fail, that's pretty much in the cards unless their anonymous sugar daddy keeps the cash a-flowin' through times of thin and thin, no, I worry that someone ELSE really owns this name as well and wouldn't it be a hoot for them to have to change it again to Little Green Rogers or something like that.

At first blush I was really hoping they'd succeed, you know, the KICK-THE-MAN'S ASS, BRO'S, more power to ya, blah blah. Then I read the part about GRAVITAS, and threw up a little in my mouth. Then came the lies about who owned the OSM name and I went from feeling ill to being pissed.

Whatever it is they are trying to do has nothing to do with blogging. So okay, they're Drudge-wannabe's. Maybe. No one has seen hide nor hair of a mission statement beyond GRAVITAS so who can predict what the Pajama boys will evolve into. Damn, I said evolve and there goes my Christian readership for the frickin month.

Steve over at Hog On Ice has his daily take on the underwear bloggers from the outer quadrant of GRAV-1, so give him a look. He gets alla the dirt long before I do and gets to think about how far he'll go to lambast the little darlin's, while I react to snippets that still make no sense to me.

Is it ever GOING to make sense?

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