Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cindy The Seasick She-Serpent Incurs The Wrath Of The Rot

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Egads, could the Washington Post spin this Cindy Shitcan crap any more desperately?

Mother’s Iraq Protest Plays to Smaller Crowd
Fewer Take Part
Than During August

Back in August, damn few were actually there, especially if you ignore
the neo-Nazi groups like Stormfront who circle like flies every time the press
bows to worship yet another leftist blaming all the world’s problems on the evil

CRAWFORD, Tex., Nov. 26 — Dancing to reggae music and hugging her
supporters, Cindy Sheehan led an anti-Iraq war rally Saturday at a one-acre
campsite adjoining the ranch where President Bush is spending his holiday

I’m forced to wonder if the reggae tune was the theme from Cops

Read it all and check out the rest of his ravings while your at it. Nobody does full frontal rant like Misha.

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