Monday, November 28, 2005


Oh but this is rich. Trying to run a modern nation with 6th century schematics just ain't workin' so well, is it hoss?

BREITBART.COM - Fatah Halts Primaries in Gaza

"The Palestinians' ruling Fatah Party halted its primary election across the Gaza Strip on Monday after angry gunmen shot in the air at several polling stations, stole some ballot boxes and destroyed others.

Fatah officials said the votes cast Monday would be nullified, and the primary would have to be rescheduled. The election violence highlighted the ongoing lawlessness in Gaza's streets."

Rescheduled for when? When the moslems stop killing anything that moves? When they join the human race? When hell freezes over?

And there actually were people who that that this could work. The primate section of any halfway decent zoo will feature hundreds of apes living together with far less friction than two moslems and only one attractive goat.

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