Friday, November 25, 2005

Now For Something Absolutely Positively Guaranteed To Piss You Off...

Stop The ACLU

"It is official, the United States Postal Service has now folded to the anti-Christmas PC movement. Postal employees are no longer allowed to say to customers “Merry Christmas.” And if that isn’t enough, no more Christmas stamps.

The busiest time of year for the USPS is the Christmas/Chanukah season. More letters, greeting cards, and packages are shipped via the USPS during the last week in November and the first 24 days in December than the rest of the year combined.

We, in our 21st century need for instant gratification, now rely on email, instant messaging, and mobile telephones to do our communication. We no longer take the time to hand write letters and other communications, place a stamp on an envelope, and drop it in a blue box. We now boot up the computer, connect to the internet, type out a message, click send and it’s there. No need for a stamp. No waiting days for it to arrive and days more for a reply.

The USPS has decided that the traditional “Madonna and Child” had to be replaced with “Holiday Cookie” stamps.

From the USPS...

Head on over to STOP and be prepared to be pissed to the nines at this abject bullshit. This has GOT to end soon, this unbelieveably stupid anti-American, anti-Christian values nonsense that tries to take all of the pride and honor and ethical foundation of what we are as a nation.

Thank your local Dumbo-Crats who masquerade as the peoples representatives for this full frontal fuckery, and from their point of view, why the hell not? They hate the country, they hate our military, they hate you, me and even themselves, so why should they care if a magnificent work of art is displaced for...for...cookies.

Great day in the morning but everything stupid is coming to pass faster than I can keep up.

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