Sunday, November 20, 2005

"What Television Needs Are More Shows About Abortions..."

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Uh huh. So says Village Idiot, strike that, Village Voice writer Rebecca Raber in one of the dumbest essay's I've seen since, well, since the last time I checked to see what the Times was featuring.

Ms Raber displays her total lack of understanding the abortion issue by proclaiming that since it is a hot topic it should be featured in more television programming. This of course is because she hasn't a clue that it is ONLY a hot topic among the minority of women that have or support abortion, is considered flat out murder by most, and will go the way of the Dodo once there are enough higher court justices who will take a stand on this tragedy.

Liberals, you see, live in their own sheltered world of make-believe, and Ms Rober's little cottage in the clouds would welcome a television that features pay-per-view abortions because they clearly illustrate a WOMANS RIGHT TO REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM.

Will the pedophiles whine next because THEY don't have a sitcom of their very own? NAMBLA protesting that a man-boy love affair should be included in at least one episode of CSI? Rapists casting their vote for a tough-love version of Law & Order? How's about drunk drivers campaigning for a modern version of Car 54 Where Are You? where intoxicated officers race through laugh track after laugh track mowing down innocent civilians?

Abortion is a vile and disgusting aberration, Robin. Such modern horrors are best left to Specials and News Reports, and as the other criminal acts we've mentioned, should not be standard fair simply because they happen to happen.

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