Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Any Invicta Watch Fans Out There?

If so, then you do of course know that all of their watches are made in China, and all of their watches are simply rip-offs of other peoples designs, and that all of their watches are...well...

Have been looking into the Invicta line and will be reporting back soon on how Shop NBC has parlayed cheap Chinese watches into a bonafide moneymaker.


I was going to begin yet another of my dreary "expose's" featuring the web/media-grifters who lie, cheat, and steal most shamelessly, but since I'm just now re-familiarizing myself with the world of wristwatches, thought it better to shill for the most honest of watch boards I'd found to date.


So if you've a mind to, click the above link, scroll down half inch or so past mid-page, then look into the All Things Media Related section.

From that point you can learn what's been going on, over at ShopNBC no less, and how bunko artists have infiltrated the shopping networks.

Not that WATCHLORDS is a one trick pony. Lots of good scoop on the art of watchmaking. Seems to me that some fella's who like guns and knives and all that schtick, are also watch dudes too.


Anonymous said...

Not all of their designs are rip-offs. They do rip-off alot - but not all.

fits said...

Tell me of a design that is not a rip=off and we can begin from there. Chinese-made knockoffs of Swiss watches is all they'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

SAS, SAN IV, Sapphire Ghost, Arsenal, Coalition Forces come to mind. There are probably a few more.

SAN III (some claim it is a Zenith rip but I don't think so)

fits said...

Then tell me why the folks that know..Isn't me that's for certain I've been away from the game for too long, part of the reason for all of this is that I DON'T know...tell me that virtually ALL Invicta watches are nothing more than knockoffs of real Swiss ones?

Like I've said, I'm in this to learn and so far what I am understanding is that; Invicta has no factory of their own, Invicta simply skims through a design book from Chinese factories and selects one from column A, etc, Invicta lies about things like Mother of Pearl, Sandstone, GENUINE diamonds that are glass crystals, etc, etc, when in fact everything visible and invisible to do with an Invicta product is nothing but a cheap knock off.

Stick-on carbon fiber decals being the latest scam, so why would ANYONE willingly purchase a cheap knockoff that loses 2/3's of its value upon opening the box? Why have jewelers told me that..even including their least expensive $55 watches...all Invicta's aren't worth half of their discounted prices and is in fact nothing more than a design house that sells to the gullible?

Just hard for me to believe that taking everything into consideration, Invicta would or even could "design" something new and original.

fits said...

Then there's the "Arsenal". Direct from downtown Chongqing, China, and laughed at by even the Chinese who at first didn't believe anyone would ever buy a coffee can with straps?

Another bad example.

Much more to come.

Anonymous said...

???? What did I write that was not peaceful? I said Invicta rips off alot of designs but they do have some original ones.

You asked which ones - so I told you.

You then got all hysterical.

If you ban me then it just shows you ain't shit but a bitch like the folks at WGs.

fits said...

Hey, it worked! Coolbeans.

fits said...

Nope. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a frickin coffee can.

Anonymous said...

The carbon fiber sticker turned out to be real carbon fiber. Go check the WL thread you got the story from. I thought it was a sticker as well - but I was wrong. I have no problem admitting that.

Couple of more Invicta original designs: Excursion, S1 Touring, Bolt, Ocean Reef.

Invicta rips off alot - the folks who represent them are unethical liars - I am not defending Invicta

I am simply pointing out that your lead in article is factually incorrect. Invicta does in fact have some original designs.

If you don't beleive go ask the folks at WLs - the forum you cite as being savvy on the issue. I think their savvy to.

Anonymous said...

So what's up? Are you going to edit that lead in? You could say "alot" of their watches are rip offs ..... and that would be correct.

fits said...

Well, I'm still looking into it actually.

As far as I can tell, ALL of their watches are ripoffs. Haven't gotten to the bottom of this "Swiss Made" deal yet; does seem that virtually all of their products are manufactured in China and if so they're at least misleading their customers.

I've also to do a modern hands-on of a new Invicta. They LOOK cheap, seem to BE cheap, but most of my info comes from what I've read at Watchlords andI'd like to have a crack at really having an Invicta to play with for a time. Problem is, I do not know anyone who owns one...not in this neck of the woods at least...nor am I going to buy what seems to be a Chinese replica watch that is 2-3 times overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Look into the re-issue of the Invicta Scooby. It is a ORIS ripoff but it is a cult classic among Invictaphiles.

The current version can routinely be found for under $70. It has a Seiko automatic movement. You could flip it for $40 - $50 if you decide to sell it.

The original issue from 2006/2007 had sapphire crystals and an ETA 2824 automatic movement. Even folks who now hate Invicta say this is a good watch. You would have to drop about $300 to get one these models.

Invicta prices drop like a rock but if you wait for them to bottom out you can get a good deal and then you can usually recoup most of your money when if you decide to sell. Everyone knows it is a chump move to buy a new Invicta model when it first comes out.

Anonymous said...

The SAN IV, SAS, Sapphire Ghost, Capsule, Bolt, Leviathon, Arsenal, Coaltion Forces, Excursion, S1 Touring, Sea Rover, Ocean Reef, and Sea Hunter are all Invicta original designs. There is no other watch company producing anything close to these models.

fits said...

Well then can I transfer your comments to the main page?