Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knifeworks Exclusives

Benchmade Model 805 TSEK Axis Lock
Knifeworks Exclusive, Limited to 400


Axis Lock, Lock Mechanism
Textured G-10 Scales
M390 Blade Steel
Silver Barrel Spacer
Silver Pocket Clip
Full Length Double Liner Handle
                                                  3.93 Blade Length

(Picture is of orignal model, please read discription)
Our Price:  $189.95
List Price:  235.00
S & H:  $7.95

As usual, I receive no recompense for posting businesses or deals to be found. Spending your hard earned money means you should at least be made aware of good companies doing good things, and Knifeworks is simply the best place I've ever found from which to purchase a blade. Shipping is also as fair as it gets on the web.


T Boone said...

Cutlery Corner carries a quality knife just like the one shown above for only 9.95 + 14.95 shipping. Ours are made from the finest German N400 ( Thats like M390 + 10 ), dual axis lock, gold barrel spacer, gold pocket clip and a 3.94 blade length. Did I mention the quality hand crafted nylon scales? Comes with a free tube of crazy glue too which can be used to re-attach your fingers in the unlikely event of a malfunction. Like I said, git em while they last folks.

fits said...

Laughing my ass totally off.