Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barack's Narcissism Continues Unabated

Sunday New York Times, A1, feature story on our 44th president: "Back on the Stump, a Chastened Obama Takes a Sharper Tone." One wonders if the headline writer bothered to read the article. To start, "Back on the Stump" is puzzling: when was Mr. Obama not on the stump? Talk about the endless campaign. And "chastened"? I read the piece in toto: not a scrap, a scintilla, an iota of evidence that the Organizer-in-Chief feels chastened. He did exhibit more self-pity, if that is possible, and a sharper tone - against the two women he was campaigning for. If the Times' ombudsman had a truth-in-headlines rule, this one would fail.

The article gives precious little illumination on Mr. Obama's interior state. We do learn that after being cheered by his groupies at the University of Washington he chafed at not being the center of attention for a few minutes:

He stood idly for 20 minutes. The rally, technically speaking, was not about him - it was for Senator Patty Murray, the incumbent Democrat from Washington, who is locked in a close race with Dino Rossi, the Republican.

Ms. Murray spoke first, and long. She gave an extended introduction of Mr. Obama and a pitch for herself while the president crossed his arms and tightened his shoulders and fidgeted slightly while the crowd grew restless waiting for the supporting player who was, of course, the real draw.

There is a teaser about the "sharper tone," but the reporter spares our tender sensibilities by refraining to quote any of the "mocking diatribes" the president delivered:

Mr. Obama is more critical of the opposition now, launching into long, mocking diatribes against Republicans that depart conspicuously from the prevailing unity message of his last campaign. His words are weighted with long stretches of acknowledgment about the difficulties of the last two years.

We do learn, once again, how self-absorbed our president is:

"Sometimes it can wear you down," the president said Wednesday night, referring to what he called "big, messy democracy" ... He hit the same theme in subsequent days. "We are grinding it out," he said with slight variations in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. "We are doing the hard, frustrating, inch-by-inch, day-by-day, week-by-week work of bringing about change."

Remember how Mr. Clinton became known for "I feel your pain"? At least there was a referent to his listener. Is Mr. Obama's signature phrase to be "We are grinding it out"? "We" indeed, modest euphemism for "I." Oh, the travail, the indignity that a president should have to work this hard. One in eight Americans is on Food Stamps, and our president is grinding it out - in the Hamptons, on Martha's Vineyard, on Mt. Desert Island, at Camp David ... Most of us wish he would stop already, but there he is on the golf links, just "grinding it out."
Now, I'm not one to talk, because the biggest decision of my day is what movie to watch if I cannot sleep or whats for supper that isn't evocative of anything I've had recently. 
But I'm retired and Barry only acts like he is. I worked for a living and Barry, to the best of my knowledge, has never had a real job.

But has the unmitigated stones to speak about "grinding it out".

Translation: "Mommy-mommy why won't they just give me what I want!"

And yep; at least Slick Willy made like he gave a shit. His Highness just bitches whenever the little people make him work.

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