Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mouse Guns R-Us...AKA Kel-Tec's P-32...

Any regular follower of these goings on, particular in the early days, knows full well that I'm not what you'd call a big mouse gun aficionado.

Hell, anything under .357 makes me feel inadequate but that's a personal problem, I know. Still and all, shooters have taken to these mini's like a Jim Frost to conniving, or a Jim Skelton to grifting (maybe it's the name), so when I had the chance to plink with a P-32 I did so with bells on.

In short, the double-action-only trigger sucks, the magazine follower hung up one round after another, the bore axis is too high for accurate hip-shots, and the caliber itself will barely break a pane of glass. It is nice of them, however to include the following in their description of this pea-shootin' wonder:

The P-32 is mainly intended for plainclothes police officers as a secondary weapon, or for concealed carry by licensed citizens.

Forget the fact that some states do not require any licensing for concealed or even open carry, and more and more states "allow" handguns to be concealed in a motor vehicle without a "permit", either, and it's easy to tell who's ass Kel-Tec is lip-locked to. 

Law enforcement purchases far fewer Kelly's than regular people, but as is usually the case with dogs like KT, Smith, and Colt to name but a few, stamping the LAW ENFORCEMENT APPROVED sign on the product seems to lure in the rubes.

Sorry; just pisses me off when ANYONE thinks they're important enough to define the ways and means of Constitutionality just to make a buck. 

Back to the gun. In these parts at least, little buggers such as the P-32 are going for a premium due to the mousegun fad that doesn't wanna let loose of its hold on otherwise intelligent men. $340 out the door before adding an additional magazine is steep in anyone's book for this plastic fantastic. Add gee-gaws such as parkerizing, etc, and empty out that wallet to the tune of $400...and up. Some of the guns I looked at had one mag, others of seemingly the same model had two, so I suppose its a crap-shoot.

Not that you or anyone else shouldn't buy what you want to buy, and yep, ANY gun is better than NO gun, but caveat shootor. The one I shot wasn't accurate past 20' and that's being kind, so while triple and quadruple taps are in order to do more than irk Mr. Evil Dude, good luck with getting most of them center mass. 

A decent enough last-ditch BUG?

Much better than harsh language. Just remember to practice. A lot.

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