Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oil Production: Infinitely Sustainable?

This particular essay is dear to my heart because just two days ago I was listening to an "expert"speaking to the County Committee here in ugly ass Gainesville.

This particular loon was fretting over how the world was in fact running out of crude oil, something the far left does when all else fails to stimulate investment in wind farms, etc. I've long been aware of the renewable oil theorems, but here's a look at what's new:

Who would have thought the current controversy over manmade global warming could lead to significant rethinking of the entire climate change phenomenon and, as an unintended consequence, shatter another environmental group-think error involving sustainable oil production?  Stick with me here.  We need to review some history first. 

Climate change alarmists, seeking to bolster their theory of the hypothetical properties of carbon dioxide to foster manmade global warming, devised the concept of radiant energy balance.  The problem is that all such concepts to date specify solar... (Read Full Article

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