Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sharpened Shallot

As done by my friend Jim, who could turn a rusted hunk of steel into a mirror worthy of Cleopatra. Or even that other drama queen Todd Boone. Who, I am absolutely, totally, 100% CERTAIN, has never seen, let alone owned, a blade this sharp. Particularly since it is CPM S-110V steel. Something Jim Frost himself has never heard of. But enough talking about little women.

Not as perfect as when he first honed it, of course, since this does happen to be a working blade. Am switching over to the system Jim uses, as throughout all of my sharpening endeavors, it yields the best results ever I have seen. Keeping it a secret until I learn how to work the thing. This way, if I suck at it I can try something else and you'll never know.

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fits said...

One a tha reasons I had ta stop buyin' Frost cutleries was the fact that the knahves were so danged sharp they pret' near could slice clear thru an atom itself and start some kind a' nukular ignition like over there in that Jap town durin' World War I.