Sunday, October 10, 2010

Frost Cutlery Update

As I reported upon yesterday, Frost Cutlery was still up to their old shenanigans but DID managed to correct the gods-awful mistake they made with regards to the Buck 110 Southeast Asia MIA/POW Commemorative blade.

On Friday, on-air host Stuttering Todd Boone referred to the Buck as being a SouthWEST Asian Commemorative, and while lying about pretty much everything else, today he did correct himself. Sort of. Called it by its proper name and didn't mention the previous bollux at all, but when dealing with the con artists at Frost any victory is a welcome one.

Still selling Whitetail Stag-Handled skinners when China does not have any Whitetail deer, and since that's where the knife is made its hard to believe Frost imports antler just so the Chinamen can then use it as handle material to then send the finished product right on back to the States.

Still referring to the Solingen 14000 series knives as being made in Germany, when only the steel is made there, with the actual knife making being done guessed it...China.

Still lying about being "Factory-Direct" when Frost in fact HAS no factory.

Still labeling their 440A steel as being Rockwell tested to 56-58, when 440A usually peaks at 52 or thereabouts. Chinese 440A to be precise. Kershaw can do wonders with 440A but Frost ain't no Kershaw.

Still calling the Kershaw assisted opening Speedsafe knives as being "Patent Pending, when they are fully Patented as well as Copy-written and Trademarked. Probably because Stuttering Todd calls the assisted opening Frost blades "Speedsafe-openers" and doesn't want anyone to believe they're inappropriately using someone else's full Patent.

Still selling the same old products they've said week in, week out, were out of stock or so low in quantity you better call now.

Still selling butterknife-quality blades while ranting on and on about how state-of-the-art they are.

Still giving Jim Frost credit for designing knives that had long since been designed by many others.

All of the above and lots more, but at least they haven't changed the location of Vietnam to SouthWEST Asia again.

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