Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Men At War

"...At many bases, Marines sleep outside on cots inside hot-dog shaped mosquito nets. There are no toilets and no showers. Troops bathe with water warmed by the afternoon sun. Fleas are such a problem, many Marines have taken to wearing flea collars made for cats or dogs around their wrists and belts."

Such is the life. I get more mail than ever from in-country Afghanistan now that McChrystal has gone the way of the wind, and for this old grunt at least, it seems like business as usual for our Marines in theater. 

There are many organizations, clubs, companies, and other groups that send packages to our men at war, and I'm not here to recommend one or the other.  That you can Google and select what suits you best if you've the mind to. Try to remember flea collars. Not something you usually see on any list, since the brass frowns upon releasing such scoop but it would be appreciated.

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