Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knife Girlies

Click so as to better view the manufacturer. Well, to be truthful, the importer. Unless Jim sends Todd And Tom and Sheila over to Pakistan to "hand-make" his knives. Kinda doubt it.

Received yet another irate email from Frost Cutlery. Informing me...not that they use such big words, ya hear...that tain't kosher to go comparin' apples and oranges and how a suitably ground Frost product would slice clean through TP quicker than you could say potmetal. 

Answered them with the reminder that seeing as how I know how cheap Mr. James A. Frost is, the fella tasked into doing the testing should check to be sure that the TP he was fixin' to slice wasn't used.

Don't know if they'll "get-it" but will keep you abreast should they reply.


Chickamauga, Chancellorsville, Vicksburg, Gettysburg. Four (4) replica swords commemorating these battles that can be yours from Cutlery Corner...

"...just $59.95 per sword, or save yerseff some money and bah all four for just $239.80..."

Mister Boone? Four times $59.95. Equals. $239.80.


Bah_Humbug said...

gotta love the 80 grit!

fits said...

As is usually the case with the drivel I force upon everyone, the knife has a history. Gifted to me by an old friend, a champion whittler who, as can plainly be seen, had worn the lower blade edge to a fair-thee-well over time. The steel itself seemed to be 420 Stainless, the sort usually reserved for liner locks, pocket clips, etc, and not something you'd want for a blade manufactured after, say, the early 1800's. Re-sharpening it proved fruitless. The steel was so soft that upon thinning to a reasonable edge it would roll to a wire, then fracture off like snow flakes falling from a trembling eave awakened to life by a welcoming sun (Browning, 12/11/1889).

Since it then became nothing more than a curio the best thing to do was try and form a decent edge from the point down to the nail cleft; in other words, the areas unaffected by years of whittling.

Now, the old granddaddy knives such as this one weren't famous for their thickness of steels. Slim and easy to least to the uneducated touch...they were faux-sharp, a condition that played into the hands of the Frost Cutlery's of the world. Weak, skinny steels that were disposable became all the rage for those unwilling to spend more than $5 or $6 per knife, and stars were born.

I sharpened the areas that tolerated sharpening without evincing "catastrophic failure, a term re-awakened by Tribology specialists the country over as more and more Frosts found their way into the hands of unsuspecting cutlery mavens. Time passed, people forgot the meaning of "sharp", and jaggedness became the rallying cry of the land.

Then the internet was born. And things...changed.

TJP said...

Are those casting pits or the remnants of rust on that beautiful "GERMAN STAINLESS!!1!"?

fits said...

You're psychic. In an admittedly nastyass query to Frost I asked them about their "casting" process, since stupid Boone mentions on a regular basis how such and such a knife won't be offered again because "they broke the casting molds".

So I asked if they do investment casting. The reply? "No, all our casting is done to sell products not for any investment..."

Bottom line is nobody but Jim Frost really knows because none of the others have visited the factories in Pakistan, China, India, etc. Modern Frost knives are stamped from sheet metal, but since the knife in question is 30 some-odd years old I can guesstimate that there WAS some casting done back then, poorly, but most of what you're seeing is pitted rust.

Anyone can email or snailmail or even call Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, and others of the big boys, even "talk" to them online at knife boards and get an answer to pretty much any question that doesn't flat out seek proprietary scoop. Busy people are busy people but once they find the time they are more than gracious.

Not Frost. I began this vendetta against them for three main reasons; 1) I'm Sicilian and that's what we do, 2) they are conmen/grifters/out and out liars, and 3)... not that long ago actually was helping them out with a technical query they had with regards to their sharpening system...

They had gotten their hands on a Lansky knockoff controlled sharpening system and not a single person connected with Frost knew how the bloody things worked. None of them had EVER sharpened a knife, and that includes Jim. So I says to myself, damn this could be an opportunity to actually have Frost Cutlery do something right, and after receiving my input they did change a promotional video for their Blademaster series. Todd Boone had picked the thing out of the box, and like he does so very poorly with most everything he touches, proceeded to attach everything incorrectly and UNsharpen the knife he was trying to sharpen.

After being shown how the thing should work, Boone had a shitfit when O'Dell almost had it figured out...but HE couldn't... and old man Frost finally said Fuck it, just do what you want to do and that, was that.

They actually had a shot at for once in their miserable lives telling the truth but since none of them had ever done so before it was akin to asking a made-man to get a real job.

Frost is a traveling con artist that got lucky, but still can't give up the con. Plenty of room in his business to create some genuinely decent products as well as give something back to the knife community but the man is simply incapable of making an honest living.