Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obamacare...The Lies And The Reasons For Them

Most recently, the top actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid — a pair of programs that shouldn’t even exist in the first place — revealed that millions of American seniors will have to pay increased out-of-pocket health care costs next year for “less generous benefit packages” as a direct result of ObamaCare.

This is due to government’s failure to acknowledge basic economic realities – which is already costing taxpayers hundreds of billions each year (even as these programs’ unfunded liabilities continue to soar).
Last month, a Kaiser Family Foundation report showed that family health care costs are up by 14 percent in 2010 — with even larger increases forecast for future years, again as a result of ObamaCare.

Okay stop the music. Of course people are going to be paying more. Government interference ALWAYS carries along with it an exorbitant price tag. The whole Obamacare fiasco was INTENDED to drive most existent insurance companies out of business and force people to rely more upon the government.

Liberals do not like individual choice. They are a hive-minded, echo chamber group of individuals who are so dissatisfied with their own lives, that they must have someone protecting them because they know beyond any reasonable doubt that they cannot do it all by themselves. Then there are the "leaders" who do it just for the power.

Look, there are despots in lands where sand is the single biggest resource. Yes, being in charge brings along a certain amount of unearned wealth but there'd be no African or South American dictators INTENTIONALLY keeping their citizens dirt poor if money was the only object. It's the total control they aim for. This is why American liberal politicians don't give a damn what they're doing to the economy. They'd be absolutely happy if America was just another African wasteland because its the domination they crave more than money even.

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