Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Body Glove Is Anti-Gun

Body glove yellowstream water sports is officially on the anti-gun list.

After Russel Lesser's display of bigotry toward gun owners during his performance with his band, Thin Ice, this last weekend at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, I will not be purchasing anymore Body Glove products. I will also discourage my family, friends and customers from purchasing your products as well.

Alan Richmond

Part of the Gun Rights Radio Network

As usual, it takes little provocation for traitorous scum companies like Body Glove to show their true colors. Just place armed men anywhere unarmed cowards men are cavorting about, and await the rationalization for disarming anyone not wearing a shiny tin star. Having never heard of Body Glove prior to this, I presumed they were a condom manufacturer, but was in error.

Condoms serve a genuine purpose.

Read all about it here.

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